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Guys do not realise that if they spend a lot of time in breast foreplay stimulation, their woman can have a breast orgasm. Most men and women use some form of breast massage in foreplay and pleasure. Breast massage is used to firm the breasts and to check for any health issues, it can also be used for sexual arousal. Many men forget to pay much attention to the breast in sex.


Breast massages orgasms, while common for some woman, have not received attention in books or magazines. Studies have shown that female breast massage will increase the change of a woman having an orgasm.

The breast is the positive pole of woman's sexuality. The positive pole of a man is his penis. The key in foreplay is to stimulate the positive pole of a woman so her heart opens. Then she will 粗針切片後遺症 be open for her negative pole, which is her vulva, to get wet.

Men rush to the vulva without spending enough time for a woman to get really aroused. Studies show that this takes 20 minutes. Women have erectile tissue around the vulva that fills with blood. This takes at least 20 minutes.

Most Women NEVER get fully aroused.

Most men make love in less than 15 minutes. This means that their lover never gets fully aroused EVER! Men then wonder why their partner turns off sex after a year or so. Then the man discovers that she is having an affair with a man who really takes his time.

SEX KEY: Make Foreplay Last for 30 Minutes!

Adding breast massage is a wonderful way to turn on a woman. I suggest not starting with this area. Start on the less hot zones of your lover's body, like kissing and stroking her all over. The neck is a highly erotic area for most women. Kissing the fingers and toes is one area that most men miss.

How to Start a Breast Massage

One way to start the massage is to just place your palm on her heart area. Just hold and let the heat of your hand stimulate your lover.

When a woman does not have a lover she can do a breast massage orgasm in the privacy of her own home. One can start by first gently pressing your breast from inner nipple to the outer side. The pressure must not be fast or hard. Be very sensual and gentle. Touch yourself for pleasure with slow and gentle strokes.

Breast Massage Stimulation Strokes

One stroke that I love to do is a lifting action. I hold the breast in one hand and gently lift the breast. Sometimes I do this stroke for 5 minutes. Look into your lover's eyes as you do this stroke. See if you can connect the heart energy through he eyes. Next try kneading the breast. Then, for greatest pleasure, rub the breasts with the palm of your hand in a clockwise and anti clockwise pattern.

The use of massage oil can take the massage up to a new level of sensuality and pleasure. Make sure you have warm massage oil.

A sensitive woman can have a breast massage orgasm in about 15 to 20 minutes of breast stimulation. Once she has had an orgasm, she will really want you to penetrate her. Make sure you do not come too fast. Many women can come again and again. Most men stop much too soon. Really make intercourse last for 30 minutes or even hours. You will find that if you do this, your lover will want a lot more sex each week, sometimes much more than you can handle.

There are many breast enlargement for men techniques that claim to create natural looking breasts. However, not all of these techniques are safe and some may leave you with heavy scars and a much lighter checkbook. Let's explore the different breast enlargement for men techniques that are currently available.

Natural supplements are by far the safest way to achieve breast enlargement for men. There are numerous available supplements that contain proprietary blends of natural herbs that work to increase the amount of natural breast tissue that you already have. Mammorex and Bust Fuel are the two most popular brands that work for men as well as women.

This method of breast enlargement for men relies on herbs such as saw palmetto and Greek fennel that are known to increase the amount of breast tissue. They work by targeting estrogen to the chest area, effectively increasing the cells within the tissue. Over time, usually a few months, this leads to a growth of one to three cup sizes.

Bust Fuel has been cited as being incredibly effective in breast enlargement for men. Although their primary market is women, they have had several male customers report significant results. You can contact the company directly for more information and testimonials from other men.

Chest massage and chest exercises are also ways to achieve breast enlargement for men. The results for these options are generally less than natural supplements, but they can help provide a better overall tone to the chest. They are by fare more effective when combined with herbal treatments like Mammorex.

Your other option is breast enhancement surgery. Like all surgeries, this is potentially dangerous and can leave you with lasting scars. The main problem for men that take this route is that the implants end up looking very un-natural. This is due to the fact that men have a lot less flesh on their chests than women. There is just not enough skin to stretch over the implants. This creates a very hard and round look that is not appealing.

The side effects of surgical methods for breast enlargement for men are high. They include the possibility of having the skin on your chest split, simply because there is not enough skin to cover the implants. This leaves you with massive scarring and you run the risk of dying from the complications. Other side effects are in line with other surgical procedures. The main downside for many is the overall cost of implants, especially when compared to natural herbal supplements like Mammorex.

Although your results may not be instant, the best route to take for breast enlargement for men is the natural way. Herbal supplements that are proven to work are much less risky than going under the knife and a lot less expensive. When taken properly, the results can be very significant, even if it takes a little bit longer to get there. When it comes to your health, you can't take unnecessary chances.